Bibliometrics and Social Network Analysis Supporting the Research Development of Emerging Areas: Case Studies from Thailand

This chapter focuses on applying bibliometric analysis and text mining technique to generate technology intelligence from publication databases. The intelligence represents the research profile and landscape by highlighting active research areas and revealing professional communities along with their social networks. Professional communities are both hidden and promoted. In developing countries, such as Thailand in particular, the number of experts in science and technology is quite limited. The mobility of talent between academia, government, and industry is therefore essential for knowledge transfer and technology diffusion. The main challenge is how to identify the potential groups of experts leading to future research collaboration. In this chapter, the case analysis of two emerging research areas in Thailand are presented; Biomedical Engineering (BME) and Data Science. The findings are used as key inputs for the development of effective policies and incentives to promote the research activities as well as research collaboration among different groups of experts.

Author(s): Nathasit Gerdsri, Alisa Kongthon
Organization(s): Mahidol University, National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC)
Source: Innovation Discovery: Network Analysis of Research and Invention Activity for Technology Management (Chpt 10)
Year: 2018

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