Astaxanthin Research Trends: Bibliometrical Analysis of the International Studies of Astaxanthin

In recent decades, the applied research of astaxanthin has made significant progress since it is highly valued and promising in its application. Using the databases of Derwent Innovations Index (DII) as the sources, we retrieved and analyzed the patents on the astaxanthin. The analytical tools of Thomson Data Analyzer (TDA), and Thomson Innovation platform were used for data mining. We analyzed the trends of patents applications, life spans, and distribution of patents, core patents and the patents family about astaxanthin by bibliometric approach. This paper reveals the trends of astaxanthin research in the world and helps the researchers and corporations in China to understand the opportunities and challenges to develop the new astaxanthin technology. The results showed that the research of astaxanthin mainly focused on the fields that astaxanthin was applied as a feed additives for fish and a natural nutrient for diseases prevention and control. Japan, the United States, and China ranked as the top three countries that claimed the priority of the patent applications of astaxanthin. The numbers of patent applications of astaxanthin from Japan prevailed over any other countries. From the distribution of the patents, DuPont and Tosoh Corporation are mainly interested in the synthesis of the target compounds by fermentation and enzyme and the composition of microorganisms or enzymes, while other top Japanese companies mainly focused on products with the medical, dental or toilet use, the food preparation or processing of food and nonalcoholic beverages and the specific treatment of active compounds or pharmaceutical formulations.

Author(s): WANG Chun-Ming, XU Yang-Qi, YANG Ya, DU Ning, and YANG Zhi-Ping
Organization(s): Chengdu Branch of National Science Library, Chinese Academy of Sciences; Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Source: Plant Diversity and Resources
Year: 2015

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