A technology opportunities analysis model: applied to dye-sensitised solar cells for China

Technology opportunities analysis (TOA) can support policy-makers or managers in making strategic technical decisions so as to enhance their technological innovation capability and international competitiveness. This paper presents a multi-level framework to support and systematically identify technological opportunities. Patent data as a key component of technology innovation are used to enable TOA within the framework in the present research. At the research and development (R&D) level, we anticipate the directions of technology development based on technology morphology.

Countries’development emphases can also be investigated in order to help identify their R&D strengths and weaknesses and to seek promising development pathways. At the level of competition, we devise the assignee-technology analysis to obtain insight into competitive participants’ technical emphases and intents. It is also used to explore possible collaboration opportunities among them.At the market level, we apply patent family analysis to understand countries’ target markets and to assess prospects for the commercialisation of their technology.We pursue TOA to explore China’s opportunities and challenges in dye-sensitised solar cells. The empirical case analysis supports the effectiveness of the TOA model. We believe it can be adapted well to fit other emerging technologies.

Authors: Tingting Ma, Alan L. Porter, Ying Guo, Jud Ready, Chen Xu and Lidan Gao
Organizations: Beijing Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Chengdu Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Source: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Year: 2013

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