A systematic literature review of the User Innovation field (FULL-TEXT)

The research provides a systematic review of the conceptual, analytical and empirical user innovation literature from 1970 to 2013. It pretends to answer the following research questions: 1. What are the different research streams within the user innovation field? 2. How the community of scholars and the number of publications in the field have evolved? 3. What are the main journals publishing articles related to the field of user innovation? 4. Which are the most representative countries that have contributed to the development of user innovation? 5. What have been the main contributions to the field from the conceptual, analytical and empirical perspectives?

For FULL-TEXT see pp. 600-618 of Estrategias para la innovación y competitividad

Author(s): Sandra Jennina Sánchez Perdomo, Alazne Mujika-Alberd
Organization(s): Universidad EAN
Source: Estrategias para la Innovación y Competitividad en América Latina (pp. 600-613)
Year: 2020

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