A citation and profiling analysis of pricing research from 1980 to 2010

This paper identifies the body of literature related to pricing that exists in 20 marketing or business journals contained in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) between January 1980 and June 2010. During this 30-year period we found over 38,800 citations were made to 1945 articles that dealt with some aspect of pricing. Based on these data, we identify individual articles, authors, and institutions that have contributed most to this body of literature. We study what subjects within the domain of pricing have received most attention, and how these topics have evolved in three year periods. In addition, we use text mining and information visualization tools to identify networks of researchers who collaborate on pricing articles. We identify institutional affiliations within the networks and highlight most frequent subjects of articles written by researchers in each network. Our results show pricing is an important topic in the marketing domain.

 Robert P. Leonea , Larry M. Robinsonb,  Johanna Braggec, Outi Somervuoric
Organization(s): Texas Christian University, Aalto University School of Economics, Ohio State University
Source: Journal of Business Research
Year: 2012


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