A bibliometric and descriptive analysis of inclusive education in science education

This article aims to map the scientific production concerning the inclusion of people with disabilities in Science Education to promote a reflection on the production of this area. Bibliometric analysis is used to help understand what stage of research a particular subject is at. Publications on the topic indexed at the Web of Science Core Collection (WoS) were evaluated. A total of 119 articles published between 2009 and July 2019 were selected as dealing specifically with the subject. An increase in the number of articles associating Science teaching (ST) and Inclusive Education (IE) was noted. The journals that published the most, the most productive authors in the area and their collaboration networks were identified. A content analysis of the research was also carried out and the main investigated topics were pointed out. Educational levels, types of disabilities, central themes and specific science areas prevailing in the mapped research were also indicated. We conclude that, despite the growing number of articles, scientific production associating SE and IE is still small, concentrated, and not shared with the scientific community through scientific education journals, and that most research is focused on the use of methodologies and resources, and not on their development.


Author(s): Michele Waltz Comarú, Renato Matos Lopes,Luiza Amara Maciel Braga, Fabio Batista Mota, Cecília Galvão
Organization(s):Federal Institute of Rio de Janeiro, Oswaldo Cruz Foundation, University of Lisbon
Source: Studies in Science Education
Year: 2021

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