Visualization of social network for scientific research evaluation

In order to enrich the existing scientific research evaluation methods for scientific researchers, institutions, regions or journals that engaged in some technical field, subject or field, the paper reviews the shortcoming in current visualization used for scientific research evaluation. And then, the paper designs and realizes three applications of social network visualization, first improves the traditional co-author network marking signature order, then integrates correlative network with dynamic threshold, and at last constructs citation network to convey the quantity, quality and influence of the object being evaluated. For each model, we propose a virtual example without real meaning to show the interpretation of the network map.

Author(s): Yunsheng Du, Yuqin Liu, Pengjun Qiu, Xiaohan Shen
Organization(s): Beijing Institute of Technology
Source: Modeling and Computation in Engineering III (45 technical papers from the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering)
Year: 2014

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