Thermal Spraying Processes and Amorphous Alloys: Macro-Indicators of Patent Activity (full-text)

Thermal spraying processes allows high cooling rates and can favor the formation of amorphous microstructures. Amorphous metallic coatings can result in superior mechanical and functional properties. To follow new technological development and innovation paths, indicators based on patent data can be assembled to support technological forecasting assessments and decision making. This study mapped the technological development on amorphous alloys processed by thermal spraying using patent indicators from documents indexed in the Derwent Innovations Index database between the years 1997 and 2014. We evaluate the patent activity, the role of countries, the main technological subdomains and markets of interest, as well as the main metallic alloys explored as coating. We conclude that new technological developments should be expected in near future and these advances both in amorphous alloys and thermal spraying shall be constantly monitored in the coming years.


Author(s): Braulio Salumão de Oliveira, Douglas Henrique Milanez, Daniel Rodrigo Leiva, Leandro Innocentini Lopes de Faria, Walter José Botta, Claudio Shyinti Kiminami
Organization(s): Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Source: Materials Research
Year: 2017

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