The contribution of academic genealogy to construction of bibliometric indicators (FULL-TEXT in Portuguese) A contribuição da genealogia acadêmica para a construção de indicadores bibliométricos

The measurement of scientific production through bibliometrics, which
allows you to assess the performance of researchers and the impacts of their productions, is a much explored object of study in Information Science. The academic genealogy, on the other hand, allows us to study the intellectual heritage that it results from the relationships between advisors and their students. recent studies in Brazil on academic genealogy use as a database the Lattes Platform, extracting information that can be used for various analyses. Therefore, this work aims to investigate whether the application of Academic genealogy and bibliometric analysis together can bring complementary information about the performance of a graduate program in the training of researchers and scientific production, carrying out a study of case based on the Graduate Program in Materials Engineering at Federal University of São Carlos. The methodology used is based on the method of identifying academic genealogy graphs in conjunction with SyncLattes, VantagePoint and Microsoft Excel tools. How results are bibliometric indicators on the program and its descendants were presented, that can contribute to the development of strategies for self-assessment and performance of graduate programs.

FULL-TEXT in Portuguese available at

Author(s):Vanessa Paula Alves de Moura, Efraim Cekinski
Organization(s):Universidade Federal de São Carlos
Source: Em Questão
Year: 2021

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