Scientific Collaboration of Turkey with the EU Member States: The Case of Nanotechnology

As an emerging technology field, there is an on-going motivation for analyzing the trend of research networks of nanotechnology. This paper attempts to present the evolution of Turkey in nanotechnology research by taking into account the academic publications to indicate the overall trend and the leading actors and subject categories in the systems of nanotechnology innovation. The purpose of this paper is twofold: (i) to present the trend of nanotechnology research and (ii) to highlight Turkey’s collaboration patterns in the relevant research sub-fields with the EU member states. In this framework, the study aims to show whether Turkey has the capability to collaborate with the advanced group of countries such as the EU in nanotechnology and to identify the sub-fields of common interests. Finally, the results of collaboration among two parties will be correlated with the Web of Science subject categories. The findings are expected to be useful for developing the future areas of research in nanotechnology domain in collaboration with the EU.

Author(s): Zeynep Kaplan
Organization(s): Yildiz Technical University
Source: Bilgi
Year: 2017

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