Library Responses During the Early Days of the Pandemic: A Bibliometric Study of the 2020 LIS Literature (full-text)

As society emerges from an unprecedented pandemic that saw the closure of libraries, schools, and universities worldwide, the potential lasting impacts on institutions, professions, and communities can begin to be assessed. Through a bibliometric study of COVID-19-related library publishing, combined with thematic coding of article abstracts, this paper provides an initial glimpse into the impacts of the pandemic on library operations, services, collections, and the workforce. Two hundred thirty-seven journal articles published in 2020 about libraries and the pandemic were identified and analyzed. These articles indicate broad cross-sectoral, global impacts on libraries and librarianship. This analysis provides a baseline for future research on the lasting effects of the pandemic on the field.

(A full-text pre-print scholarly version is available at

Author(s): Jane Kinkus Yatcilla, Sarah Young
Organization(s): Purdue University, Carnegie Mellon University
Source: Journal of Library Administration
Year: 2021

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