Intangible Heritage and Gastronomy: The Impact of UNESCO Gastronomy Elements

The objective of this study is two-fold: on the one hand, to determine whether literature has studied the relationship between intangible heritage and gastronomy; on the other, we have explored the use of UNESCO-recognized elements for marketing purposes. Two research questions have been addressed: (a) Is there a specific definition of gastronomy as intangible heritage? and (b) can the UNESCO-recognized elements be used for marketing purposes? We have used a method that combines content analysis and network analysis via the identification and study of keywords. The results showed a definition of gastronomy as intangible world heritage would be required. We have also observed that the use of the UNESCO-recognized elements, for marketing purposes, could be an opportunity for differentiating place’s identity.

Author(s): María de Miguel Molina, Blanca de Miguel Molina, Virginia Santamarina Campos, María del Val Segarra Oña
Organization: Universitat Politecnica de Valencia
Source: Journal of Culinary Science & Technology
Year: 2016

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