Exploring the Asian innovation networks (AINs) characteristics

In this study, we attempted to fill an important gap that literature has yet to investigate: the characteristics of the Asian Innovation Networks. This paper depicts the characteristics of the Asian Innovation Networks for four main emerging technologies: 3D printing technology, big data technology, integrated circuit technology and carbon nanotubes and graphene technology. The networks’ characteristics are presented by calculating the different network centrality indicators. In order to show these characteristics intuitively, the visualization method was also used. Both methods are based on an analysis of patents and patent data are collected from the European Patent Office (EPO) database. The results indicate that Japan ranks first in betweenness centrality, while China has the highest degree centrality among nearly all the emerging technologies. In the carbon nanotubes and graphene technology innovation network, India has tight interactions with South Korea, and Iran is closely related to Malaysia. Thailand plays an important role in the big data technology innovation network. The centrality trend for Asian countries in innovation networks has gradually decreased. This could be useful for developing Asian countries to make international scientific and technological collaboration strategies and policies in the future.


Author(s): Xu Bai, Yun Liu
Organization(s): Beijing Institute of Technology
Source: Information Development
Year: 2017

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