Calculate Emergence with “check for a term to grow”

This version incorporates the new check for a term to grow at 1.5 times the overall dataset growth in place of the 2:1 Analysis:Base Year record count ratio requirement.

There is no change to the scoring calculation used in this VPInstitute version and the Calculate Emergence Indicators version executed from the toolbar of VP Student Edition or VantagePoint. The change in this VPInstitute version of the script applies to how the terms are filtered to remove “common” terms in relation to the dataset. This version checks that each term is growing faster in use than the growth of the overall dataset.

Calculate Emergence Indicators zip file

A few caveats to use it:

  1. Once downloaded, unzip and drop into the VantagePoint\Macros installation directory. Note that it’s possible some files will be either blocked by Windows – thus will need to right click the file->Properties->Click Unblock.
  2. It’s also possible that some of the files will be given an “unsafe” file extension. Literally something like “Emergence.html.unsafe”. If that is the case you will need to rename the file and remove the “.unsafe” bit at the end. Windows will warn you about doing this but go ahead anyway. If you hit any errors trying to run the script or something isn’t loading right then 1 or 2 is likely the cause.
  3. If you are comparing results of this version with the commercial version of the script, and you’ve selected the same Term and Year field, then the score for a given term should be the same between the two versions. It just might not appear in both lists due to the change in filtering. Which version is “right” is subjective in this case.

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