Anticipating Future Innovation Pathways through Large Data Analytics

Tech Mining is a special form of large data analytics that extracts useful intelligence from search results on a target topic or organization downloaded from global Science, Technology & Innovation (ST&I) databases. This book presents 18 chapters covering advances in analytical frameworks, text anlaytic methods to treat ST&I data effectively, informative indicators and compelling visualizations, and cases illustrating intelligence on likely future developments of select technologies.

Editor(s): Daim, T. Porter, A.L., Chiavetta, D., and Saritas, O.
Organization(s): Portland State University, Georgia Institute of Technology, National Research University-Higher School of Economics (HSE)
Source: Springer International Publishing
Year: 2016

Part I Data Science/Technology Review
FTA as Due Diligence for an Era of Accelerated Interdiction by an Algorithm-Big Data Duo
Denis Loveridge and Cristiano Cagnin

A Conceptual Framework of Tech Mining Engineering to Enhance the Planning of Future Innovation Pathway (FIP)
Munan Li

Profile and Trends of FTA and Foresight
Per Dannemand Andersen and Lars Alkærsig

Recent Trends in Technology Mining Approaches: Quantitative Analysis of GTM Conference Proceedings
Nadezhda Mikova

Anticipating Future Pathways of Science, Technologies, and Innovations: (Map of Science)2 Approach
Irina V. Efimenko, Vladimir F. Khoroshevsky and Ed. C.M. Noyons

Part II Text Analytic Methods
Towards Foresight 3.0: The HCSS Metafore Approach—A Multilingual Approach for Exploring Global Foresights
Stephan De Spiegeleire, Freija van Duijne and Eline Chivot

Using Enhanced Patent Data for Future-Oriented Technology Analysis
Christopher L. Benson and Christopher L. Magee

Innovation and Design Process Ontology
Cherie Courseault Trumbach, Christopher McKesson, Parisa Ghandehari, Lawrence DeCan and Owen Eslinger

Generating Competitive Technical Intelligence Using Topical Analysis, Patent Citation Analysis, and Term Clumping Analysis
Ying Huang, Yi Zhang, Jing Ma, Alan L. Porter, Xuefeng Wang and Ying Guo

Identifying Targets for Technology Mergers and Acquisitions Using Patent Information and Semantic Analysis
Lu Huang, Lining Shang, Kangrui Wang, Alan L. Porter and Yi Zhang

Identifying Technological Topic Changes in Patent Claims Using Topic Modeling
Hongshu Chen, Yi Zhang and Donghua Zhu

Semi-automatic Technology Roadmapping Composing Method for Multiple Science, Technology, and Innovation Data Incorporation
Yi Zhang, Hongshu Chen and Donghua Zhu

Generating Futures from Text—Scenario Development Using Text Mining
Victoria Kayser and Erduana Shala

Part III Anticipating the Future—Cases and Frameworks
Additive Manufacturing: Importance and Challenges for Latin America
Marisela Rodríguez Salvador, Ana Marcela Hernández de Menéndez and David Alfredo Arcos Novillo

The Application of Social Network Analysis: Case of Smart Roofing
Tugrul U. Daim, Monticha Khammuang and Edwin Garces

Building a View of the Future of Antibiotics Through the Analysis of Primary Patents
Cristina d’Urso de Souza Mendes and Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes

Combining Scientometrics with Patent-Metrics for CTI Service in R&D Decision-Making: Practices of National Science Library of CAS
X. Liu, Y. Sun, H. Xu, P. Jia, S. Wang, L. Dong and X. Chen

Tech Mining for Emerging STI Trends Through Dynamic Term Clustering and Semantic Analysis: The Case of Photonics
Pavel Bakhtin and Ozcan Saritas

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