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News: Update to Aduna Cluster Maps 2015-09-14

We have posted a new update to the VantagePoint script for Aduna Cluster Maps. You may download it from the location you download VP Scripts.

Symptoms and Resolution

Java Security Warning

You may see the following warning:



Java requires that our supporting jar files be periodically re-signed to ensure that they are safe for distribution. This period elapsed recently and we’ve had to re-sign those files. Those are included in the update.

Maps with no records

It’s also possible that in rare cases you may get an Aduna Map with no records for some/all items that should have them. This has also been fixed by regenerating the Key field used to match records to the mapped items.


Improved error handling for updating Java

Now the macro checks that Java version 1.8 or higher is installed.

2 thoughts on “VP News

  1. An easier solution is to put in “Java Configuration/Security/List of Exception Sites” the following exception for the “Aduna Cluster Maps”:


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