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Profiling Science & Innovation Policy by Object-based Computing

Extended Abstract – MINING NOVEL DATA SOURCES   session at “1st Global TechMining Conference” 2011

Author(s): Zhang Zhixiong, Liu Jianhua, Xie Jing, Zou Yimin (Chinese Academy of Science)

Myriad named entities such as science strategies and policies, key initiatives & research
programs, key research institutes researchers and scientists are embedded in many web
pages from various science & innovation institutes. The authors refer to these named entities about science & innovation activities as research objects. Usually, these research objects carry the core information of the web pages and are valuable for automatically extracting intelligence from web pages. Hence, It is one of the most important questions that how to dig these knowledge units from these resources and how to use the knowledge to support deep intelligence analysis. In this paper, the authors bring forth a method using object-based computing for profiling science & innovation policies of some key national scientific administrative offices, research councils, funding agencies, and leading research institutes. Continue reading Profiling Science & Innovation Policy by Object-based Computing