2014 MASTERS THESIS: Water as social and economic resource. Resolving questions about sharing water in Central Asia.

Water scarcity in the World today is growing faster than expected and it is
among the main problems of 21st century to be faced by the World.
Central Asia is considered like a region with enough water resources, however,
an ineffective use of water, it’s allocation, rapidly growing population, and lack
of knowledge in sharing common basin among riparian countries could lead to
serious consequences. In this work we wanted to analyse literature about water
issues with the aim to understand when and how water disputes were
occurring. For this purpose, we have used bibliometric analysis to define and
look for better and reliable dates for the Thesis. All the dates and articles which
were used for this work were taken from the Web of Science. Furthermore,
thanks to VantagePoint and Social Networks Analysis we have got specific
articles which were sorted and divided according to your preference, calculating
measures of centrality to determine the importance of each keyword.
In following chapters we have also presented small research on the Central
Asian example, and the role of Kyrgyzstan in water sharing is illustrated.

Masters candidate: Meerim Avazbekova
Thesis Supervisor: Professor Blanca de Miguel
University: Polytechnic University of Valencia
Degree program: Master Degree in Business Management, Products and Services
Year: 2014

Full-text available here https://riunet.upv.es/bitstream/handle/10251/44346/TFM.pdf?sequence=2

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