2012 Global TechMining Conference Abstracts

TechMining and Innovation

Bibliometric perspectives on medical innovation using the medical subject headings (MeSH) of PubMed
Loet Leydesdorff, Daniele Rotolo and Ismael Rafols

Discovering emerging technology trends: with TRIZ and technology roadmapping
Yi Zhang, Alan Porter, Ying Guo and Xiao Zhou

Tracing promising nanotechnologies for diseases prevalent in ageing populations
Douglas Robinson, Ying Guo, Alan Porter

TechMining — Tools

Assessing a technique for mining topic trends in bibliographic databases
Keith Nelms

Multiple perspectives on bibliometric data: Combining different science mapping approaches using VOSviewer
Nees Jan van Eck and Ludo Waltman

Visualization of relational bibliometric data with the software tool BibTechMon
Edgar Schiebel

TechMining — for Foresight and Innovation

Using four-quadrant charts for two technology forecasting indicators: R&D momentum and technology readiness levels
David Li Tang, Erica Wiseman and Jean Archambeault

S&T-Function-Application Cross-charting: An approach to visualize the bridges across the gap between R&D and applications
Ying Guo and Alan Porter

Patent analysis and technology foresight on micro/nano power generation
Shu Fang, Xian Zhang, Yuexian Zhu, Lidan Gao, Hongshen Pang and Xinjin Fu

Industrial innovation path selection based on TRIZ theory
Xiao Zhou, Yi Zhang, Ying Guo and Donghua Zhu

TechMining — Process

Formulating a transformative research strategy for technology mining in the STI environment
Richard Klavans and Kevin W. Boyack

Empirical study of constructing a knowledge organization system of patent documents using topic modeling
Zhengyin Hu, Shu Fang, Xian Zhang, Tian Liang and Yi Zhang

How to build your own citation index: First-hand experience with Web of Science, Scopus, and CSA reference data
William Dinkel, Frank Sawitzki and Andreas Strotmann

The contribution of a syntactic-semantic approach to the search for complementary literatures for scientific or technical discovery
Jose M. Vicente-Gomila

TechMining — Indicators

The use of citation speed to understand the effects of a multi-institutional science center
Jan Youtie

Measuring interdisciplinarity at the National Science Foundation
Leah Nichols

Breakthrough Paper Indicator 2.0: improving the accuracy of outstanding papers prediction by using interdisciplinarity, geographical diversity, and prestige measures of citations
Ilya Ponomarev, Duane Williams, Joshua Schnell and Laurel Haak

Evaluating the outcomes of government funded research programs: measuring interdisciplinarity through text analysis of abstracts of award-derived publications
John Chase, Christina Freyman and John Byrnes

TechMining – Profiling Applications

Nanomaterials Patenting in Brazil: some considerations for the regulatory framework in the country
Maria Simone de M Alencar, Leonardo da Silva Sant’Anna and Aldo Pacheco Ferreira

HPV and dengue vaccines: patent and lliterature social network analysis (SNA) and the implications for innovation health policy in innovative developing countries (IDC)
Priscila Rohem-Santos, Claudia Chamas and Carlos Morel

Key research area identification and trace analysis: a case study based on nano-optoelectronic devices
Zongying Tan and Xiangli Zhu

Terahertz science, technology and application trends
Fan Yang
TechMining — Automating

Automated methods to link federally funded research projects to biomarker development and FDA-approved products
Duane Williams, Sandeep Patel, Elizabeth Hsu, James Corrigan and Joshua Schnell

Evaluating institutions for innovation: automated content analysis of patents and matching
Gabriel Chan

Implementing strategic information by using APA (Automatic Patent Analysis) – Example in the field of steels for high temperature applications
Henri Dou and Daniel Coelho

TechMining — Novel Data

Discipline mapping
Mari Jibu

Identifying the intelligence value of web resources based on a knowledge object grid
Zhixiong Zhang, Yimin Zou, Jianhua Liu, Jing Xie and Li Qian

Comparing the impact of different funding modes
Peter Van Den Besselaar and Stefan de Jong

Open Interactive Session

The emergence of a new technology: a multi-perspective analysis on the case of human papilloma virus (HPV) molecular diagnostic tests
Daniele Rotolo, Michael Hopkins and Ismael Rafols

Assessing university research output deploying freely accessible bibliometric tools
Rosa Río-Belver, Juncal Zabalza, Ernesto Cilleruelo, Gaizka Garechana and Javier Gavilanes

Visualization of relational bibliometric data with the software tool BibTechMon
Edgar Schiebel

Capturing new developments in an emerging technology: An updated search strategy for identifying nanotechnology research output
Sanjay Arora, Alan Porter, Jan Youtie and Philip Shapira

Mapping structure and evolution of science
Xiaomei Wang, Tao Han and Jun Wang

Chinese patent activity analysis about vibration reduction control technology in high speed railway vehicle systems
Fan Zhang

Analyzing the impact of research policy with an ego network analysis
Arho Suominen

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