IISC PatStat

IISC Patstat is a source of EPO worldwide patent data formatted specifically for text analytics (each record contains numerous fields…complete list found in help section of IISC Patstat site) and for easy import into VantagePoint (many sources of patent information do not allow for export of search results into a file format usable for analysis). Access is free for a limited time.

How to ACCESS IISC PatStat
Click on the downward-pointing arrow on the New Analysis button to reveal the dropdown menu. Click the Visit IISC PatStat menu item.

VantagePoint will open your web browser to the IISC patstat.org website registration page. If you already have an IISC Patstat account, you may click on “link your account” to connect it to your copy of VantagePoint (you will need to provide your IISC Patstat login credentials). If you DO NOT have an IISC Patstat account and wish to create one, click on “register account”

Complete the form, providing the Username and Password you would like to use (BE SURE TO STORE THE USERBAME AND PASSWORD YOU ENTER IN A SAFE PLACE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE) and click on the Register button. Patstat will e-mail a link to your new account to the address you provided. Check the Inbox of the e-mail account you provided for your link. IF NOT FOUND CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER.