Nanoparticles applied to antineoplastic agents: a patent landscape

Recently, research in the field of cancer nanotechnology has made notable progress, and, with the fast development of nanomaterials, new treatment strategies using nanoparticles are being explored that have the potential to overcome existing problems. The present review focuses on patenting as a key indicator of trends in nanoparticles with applications in the treatment of cancer. The impact of cancer on health and the use of nanoparticles are briefly described. Next, a survey of patents filed in the last 14 years is presented, the patents granted in the last four years are identified, and the focus areas of the main applicants are analyzed. The mix of targets identified for patented nanoparticles systems suggests that polymers and proteins are the main focus of the innovative efforts in this field.

Author(s): Iolanda M Fierro, Maria Simone de Menezes Alencar, Flavia Maria Lins Mendes, Cristina d’Urso de Souza Mendes, Bernardo Furtado Nunes, Adelaide Maria de Souza Antunes
Organization(s): National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI-Brazil), Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro
Source: Pharmaceutical Patent Analyst
Year: 2014

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