Mapping the knowledge evolution and professional network in the field of technology roadmapping: a bibliometric analysis

To maintain a competitive advantage, organisations constantly adjust their operations and strategies to incorporate changes in their business environment. Technology roadmapping (TRM) has emerged as a method that can link technology development with the changing business requirements. Since the method of TRM is fairly new, publications that can explain and assist the implementation of a roadmapping process are still limited. As the concept of TRM continues to gain awareness among scholars and practitioners, the need for further development of TRM related knowledge becomes a vital part of their activities. The purpose of this paper is not only to reveal the body of knowledge and existing networks of TRM professionals but also to suggest potential collaborations among researchers and practitioners who have similar interests in the field. This study applies the bibliometric technique to analyse TRM related journal and conference articles published during 1987 and 2010.

Author(s): Nathasit Gerdsri, Alisa Kongthon, and Ronald S. Vatananan
Organization(s): Mahidol University
Source: Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
Year: 2013

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