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TechMining has been used for numerous management of technology applications (competitive technological intelligence, technology roadmapping, technology process management, etc.) as well as science and innovation policy applications (interdisciplinary research metrics, science maps, research evaluation, etc.). This site is a place to share examples of completed “TechMining” research. This archive contains more than 350 papers published since 2011. Use the SEARCH function to the left to identify papers in your area of interest.

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Parallel or Intersecting Lines? Intelligent Bibliometrics for Investigating the Involvement of Data Science in Policy Analysis
Parameter tuning Naïve Bayes for automatic patent classification
Do national funding organizations properly address the diseases with the highest burden? – Observations from China and the UK (Full-Text)
A 3-dimensional analysis for evaluating technology emergence indicators
Overlapping Community Discovery for Identifying Key Research Themes
A Multi-match Approach to the Author Uncertainty Problem (Full-Text)
Tech mining to validate and refine a technology roadmap
National nanotechnology research prominence
Exploring Technology Evolution Pathways to Facilitate Technology Management: From a Technology Life Cycle Perspective
Robotic Bureaucracy and Administrative Burden: What Are the Effects of Universities’ Computer Automated Research Grants Management Systems?