VP Student Edition version VP2020 Description


  • Better Recognition of Data Types in Excel
  • Import CSV files directly with Database Import
  • Performance Improvements
  • Boosted efficiency importing large files


  1. Use your custom Stopwords and Keepwords in Refine NLP
  2. Simplified UI for Combining Datasets
  3. New Augment Data feature: Simplified UI for Appending fields to existing datasets [Record Fusion]
  4. Augment your search results, with related information found in outside online database via publicly accessible API or work with your internal API.


  • AI under your control – use AI to help YOU categorize your data the way you want it.
  • New Smart Trainer algorithm (internally developed)
  • Improved UI to give users better access to classification tools
  • Added Optional Disregard category to Classifications
  • Automatically create new field from categories after performing auto-classification
  • Simplified process for changing training fields.
  • Transfer the analysts knowledge base to new datasets.
  • Find similar records based on text input for invention disclosure review, claim analysis, and more.
  • Find Records by searching for data across multiple fields.
  • Add Records to Group directly from Title or Record Window
  • Calculate Date Difference between two dates, either populated from date fields in the dataset or a fixed date, in days, weeks, months or years.
  • Enhancements for Calculating Statistical data
    • Quickly Create Quartile Groups or add items to a group
    • Added Box plots for analysis at a glance
    • Export data to excel for more flexibility


  • Added new visualization controls to allow customization to look and feel of charts and graphs after they have been created. This puts more control (color, fonts, size) directly into your hands.
  • Minor enhancements to make Super Profile creation simpler.
  • Pivot Tool enhancements
    • Increased number of possible fields in Pivot Tool to 10.
    • Added Table Bar Chart, Bar Chart, Stacked Bar Chart, and Line Chart to available visualizations
    • Added ability to select groups when selecting fields
    • Updated style to match existing UI
  • New visualization to plot emergence indicators by score and record count. See the major players and topics at a glance.
  • New butterfly chart to compare two items in a list against another field.
  • Allow multi-selection of nodes in cluster map
  • Detail window states saved to file