VP Student Edition version 12 Description

New math functionality

Statistical table for calculating sum, average, min, max, and median values for numeric data

  1. Select any field in the dataset
  2. Select any numeric field
  3. Sort columns
  4. Select multiple items to view in Title and Detail views

New visualizations for Pivot Tool, Scatter Plot, Multi Donut Chart, and enhanced Smart Pie Chord Chart

 Pivot Tool to graphically display 3 dimensions of data

  • Compare three fields at once. 
  • Display results as a table, heatmap, bar chart, or stacked bar chart. 
  • Results can be record counts or percentages. 
  • Change and filter axes as needed in the final result.

Scatter Plot with year slider for temporal analysis

Field selection for Scatter Plot allows users to select total counts or average as well as a year field for time slider:

Use the time slider to see how values change over time:

Multi Donut chart

View how items compare between up to 7 different categories:

Smart Pie

When a regular pie chart is inappropriate because of overlap, the Smart Pie view can show each slice’s overlapping and unique parts.

Refine NLP function to clean up NLP fields

Use the Refine NLP tool to run a specially crafted set of thesaurus and cleanup algorithms to kickstart your semantic analysis.

Import more than text!

Import and display images

  • Images will display in List, Detail, and Record Views

Hyperlink handling

  • Importing hyperlinks from Excel now show as hyperlinks in List, Detail, and Record Views

UI/UX improvements

Added user editable sticky notes for visualizations

All-in-one Edit Groups dialog

  • Create/Delete/Rename/Combine groups
  • Change group color
  • Create Field From Selected Groups
  • Easily sort groups – manually reorder, sort alphabetically, sort by number of members, or sort by number of records
  • Type to filter to quickly find a group
  • Modify group membership of selected terms

Font and color settings for visualizations

Export Fielded Records improvements

  • Directly export to Excel
  • Setting to customize delimiter for multi valued fields
  • Child fields export as separate columns when exporting compound fields

Options for Find Similar Records

  • Allows user to change match percentage and number of records to match

List Cleanup Confirmation enhancements

  • Right click to search – engines now customizable
  • Type to filter now has option to use regular expressions

Summary Sheet enhancements:

  • Added number of groups column to Summary Sheet
  • Smarter Summary Sheet updating to eliminate unnecessary refreshes
  • Remove ‘zoom’ from Summary right click menu

Other usability improvements:

  • Setting Data Type to Number will properly sort values with some non numeric characters such as currency symbols, percent signs, etc.
  • Bubble and Gantt charts now support sorting numerical data
  • Added sorting and column resizing to fielded record view
  • Moved record view forward/backward/close buttons to the far left and added support for mouse forward/backward buttons to record view for quicker record classification
  • Select all fields button at import
  • New default hotkeys: ctrl + w to delete sheet, ctrl + home to go to summary sheet, ctrl + y to jump to sheet selector dropdown and initiate type to filter control
  • CTRL + F to find in most browser sheets
  • Automatically focus cursor on type to filter boxes in dialogs
  • Create child field list from right click menu of parent field view
  • Added optional prompt to rename field during further processing
  • Aligned record classification terminology
  • Made create field from group a large button for easier access
  • Merge fields dialog now allows multi select and double click to add fields
  • Sheet manager indicates current active sheet
  • Installed scripts from downloads page automatically added to scripts menu
  • Record classification from title right click menu now allows scrolling and multiple assignments
  • Fixed scaling issue in cluster map
  • Manage license dialog no longer requires email address for registration code activation

Performance improvements

  • Faster loading records in record view
  • Faster sorting and displaying compound lists
  • Reduced RAM usage while saving
  • Faster keyword extraction
  • Faster loading of large thesaurus file