VantagePoint can run scripts—written in Visual Basic (Scripting Edition) from Microsoft Corporation—to automate repetitive functions. VantagePoint comes with several pre-loaded scripts (available under on the main menu bar……stored in the VantagePoint “Scripts” or “Macros” (older versions) folder on your computer). This site is a place to share and rate additional scripts written by academic users. In the spirit of advancing the public research knowledge base, VP Institute member contributors post and share these scripts in good faith. VP Institute can make no claims as to their efficacy or integrity, nor provide technical support for their use with VantagePoint.

Export MS Outlook Email and Import into VantagePoint
Export WoS to EndNote
GEPHI: Creating Gexf network files with VantagePoint v10.0
Pajek Maps from VP Content – From VantagePoint network and list content to Pajek
EiVillage EnCompass Patents
Create a subfield from a larger field
Activity-Diversity Scatter 3D