Research advance of biodiesel based on bibliometrical analysis

In the context of climate change and fossil fuel depletion, biodiesel gradually becomes hot spot of research because it is renewable, clean and safe energy. In this paper, analytical tools such as Thomson Data Analyzer and NetDraw in combined with ‘pathfinder’ algorithm were used to analyse the data of biodiesel research in the SCIE database. It was found that the number of papers on biodiesel research was increasing year by year from 1991 to 2012, and the top five subject categories of papers include energy and fuels, engineering, chemistry, biotechnology and applied microbiology and agriculture. The papers on biodiesel in America, China and India have higher impacts, and the quality of papers in Japan, Turkey and America is better. America is the international centre of the cooperative research web in biodiesel, followed by China and Malaysia. The papers of the American Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University have higher impacts and better quality. China have obvious advantages in the number of papers on biodiesel and total cited number, but the average cited number of papers is not high.

Author(s): Zhang Bo, Wang JinPing
Source: Renewable Energy Resources
Year: 2014

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