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Effects of innovation management system standardization on firms: evidence from text mining annual reports

Using a management formula to standardize innovation management can be thought of as deeply contradictory, however, several successful firms in Spain have been certified under the pioneer innovation management standard UNE 166002. This paper analyzes the effects that standardization has … Continue reading

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Patent information retrieval: approaching a method and analysing nanotechnology patent collaborations

Many challenges still remain in the processing of explicit technological knowledge documents such as patents. Given the limitations and drawbacks of the existing approaches, this research sets out to develop an improved method for searching patent databases and extracting patent … Continue reading

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The global objective of sustainable development up to 2030 and the BRICS: the analysis of the feasibility and effectiveness of the synergies

The article contains analysis of renewed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the period up to 2030, characteristic of the development of cooperation among BRICS countries during Russia’s chairmanship in the union. It also relates to specific features of interaction of … Continue reading

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International Collaboration Patterns and Effecting Factors of Emerging Technologies

With the globalization of the world economy, international innovation collaboration has taken place all over the world. This study selects three emerging technologies (3D printing, big data and carbon nanotubes and graphene technology) among 20 countries as the research objects, … Continue reading

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Big Data and Business: Tech Mining to Capture Business Interests and Activities around Big Data

Innovations around “Big Data” can be characterized in terms of rapid technology development and deployment dynamics. For this purpose, combining “tech mining” (extraction of usable intelligence) from publication and patent databases with tech mining of business-related databases can elucidate activities … Continue reading

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Text mining to gain technical intelligence for acquired target selection: A case study for China’s computer numerical control machine tools industry

Technology strategy plays an increasingly important role in today’s Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activities. Informing that strategy with empirical intelligence offers great potential value to R&D managers and technology policy makers. This paper proposes a methodology, based on patent analysis, … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Our Future: Anticipating Trends and Challenges Using Media Data

This paper proposes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding the future perspectives of climate change. First, it analyzes the possibilities of using the media as an information source for anticipating trends and challenges in this area through exploring the topics that … Continue reading

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Building a View of the Future of Antibiotics Through the Analysis of Primary Patents

The primary patent application of a new drug is the application that claims the chemical structure of that new compound and is usually the first patent filled regarding that new drug. Therefore, the analysis of the recent primary patents in … Continue reading

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Graphene enterprise: mapping innovation and business development in a strategic emerging technology

This paper explores enterprise development and commercialization in the field of graphene. Firm characteristics and relationships, value chain positioning, and factors associated with product entry are examined for a set of 65 graphene-oriented small and medium-sized enterprises located in 16 … Continue reading

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Case study of patents related to captopril, Squibb’s first blockbuster

Arterial hypertension affects over one billion people around the world, making the prevention and treatment of this disease vital. Despite the efforts made to develop new antihypertensive drugs, few new therapies have become available. Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors have heralded … Continue reading

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