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Relational Governance and Modularity of Japanese Automotive Industry: Effects and Dynamic of Strategic Action FIELD

The objective of this study was to analyze the modularity in the networks of Japanese automakers from 2007 to 2014 and its association to the dynamics of strategic action fields. The metric of modularity (Q) (Clauset, Newman, & Moore, 2004; … Continue reading

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Study on main delivery actors in Technology Delivery System (TDS) based on multi-data sources

As innovation becomes important and complex, researchers started to explore innovation process under the background of Big Data. Technology Delivery System (TDS), a systematic method dynamically showing innovation process, has caused the extensive concern worldwide. As an essential step to … Continue reading

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Forecasting Cloud Computing: Producing a Technological Profile

Migrating to cloud computing is one of the current enterprise challenges. In this sense, the small and medium enterprise should be the most interested, given that initial investments are avoided and the technology offers gradual implementation. However, 54.9 % of … Continue reading

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Retraction: The Other Face of Research Collaboration

There is an increasing amount of research investigating retractions. Yet little attention has been paid to the relationship between retractions and collaboration. This study draws upon two notions from the social psychological literature on group interaction – diffusion of responsibility and internal … Continue reading

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POSITION AVAILABLE – Post-Doctoral Research Associate (Data Scientist)

We seek to appoint a Post-Doctoral Research Associate (PDRA) (Data Scientist) at the Manchester Institute of Innovation to work on the Knowledge in the making in the European Society (KNOWMAK) project which is sponsored by the EU H2020 programme. This large-scale … Continue reading

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International Collaboration Patterns and Effecting Factors of Emerging Technologies

With the globalization of the world economy, international innovation collaboration has taken place all over the world. This study selects three emerging technologies (3D printing, big data and carbon nanotubes and graphene technology) among 20 countries as the research objects, … Continue reading

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A Strategic View for Rare Earths Production, in a Competitive and Sustainable form

The demand for rare earths (RE) has been intensified by their large use, especially in high technology sectors. Supply difficulties have forced RE users to seek alternative sources and invest in the development of recycling technologies and options of reuse for these … Continue reading

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Four decades of coupon research in pricing: Evolution, development, and practice

Coupons are a sales promotion tool frequently used by marketers. While considerable research has been conducted on coupons such as its profitability, design, and redemption rate for increased sales, few attempts have been made to summarize the published literature in … Continue reading

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A Bibliometric Analysis of Fuzzy Decision Research During 1970–2015

Fuzzy set just past its 50-year anniversary and different fuzzy associations and organizations hold different forms of conferences and activities to celebrate this epoch-making scientific discovery. As an important branch of fuzzy theory, fuzzy decision has attracted scholars from almost … Continue reading

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Big Data and Business: Tech Mining to Capture Business Interests and Activities around Big Data

Innovations around “Big Data” can be characterized in terms of rapid technology development and deployment dynamics. For this purpose, combining “tech mining” (extraction of usable intelligence) from publication and patent databases with tech mining of business-related databases can elucidate activities … Continue reading

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